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Saturday October 24th, 2015

Supporting party for L’Usine

20:00 – 0:00
Concert by CM Gratitude at Forde

with an installation by
Bianca Benenti
Alice Berger
Costanza Candeloro
Marion Goix

a special pyjama edition

Door 5 pm, free price
Entrance by place des Volontaires

CM Gratitude animate your pillow with
Alice Berger and Bianca Benenti

While I was preparing my final exams at high school for study longer I listened books during my sleep.

Once upon a time, CHANG TZU dreamed that he was a butterfly, a butterfly flitting about happily enjoying himself. 

He didn’t know that he was CHANG TZU. Suddenly he awoke and was palpably CHANG TZU. He didn’t know whether he were CHANG TZU who had dreamed of being a butterfly, or a butterfly who was dreaming that he was CHANG TZU.

It remember me the Dormiglione, with his sleep, who is creating the reality which is around him. 


good night Dormiglioni

Samedi 24 octobre 2015

Soirée de soutien à L’Usine

20h – 00h
Concert de CM Gratitude à Forde

avec une installation de
Bianca Benenti
Alice Berger
Costanza Candeloro
Marion Goix

une édition spéciale pyjama

Portes 17h, prix libre
Entrée par la place des Volontaires


photos: Etienne Chosson