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Yuji Agematsu
Art Club 2000
Juliette Blightman
Elin Gonzalez
Pat Hearn
Shelley Lake

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November 28th – December 27th, 2015

Friday November 27th, from 6 pm
Performance: Nightshift by Juliette Blightman, from 8 pm
also online at the same time here:

opens on Saturdays and Sundays, 4 – 6 pm
and by appointment


November 8

Fax to Forde Gallery
From Art Club 2000

Hey you guys,
We’re getting together our show here which opens next week. There is some stuff we wanted to tell you. We never paid 150 francs for the coffee machine, so you should keep all the money from the sale of one photo, okay?
Also, we left Sydney’s microphone cord in the Sisley camera bag, could you give it to him? We changed our mind about the video, please do not sell it to anyone if they ask. Also we left behind a mat-cutter in the 2nd desk drawer on the right side, could you send it with the photos/video when you return them? Also could you fax to Colin a checklist on 212-274-8706? We don’t know what your plans were for the diapositives, but we were hoping that you could take some installation shots, and also photos of any picture you sell because we only printed one of each. How is the goldfish? Sorry for all these troubles. We really had a great time there, really. And we miss you guys and hope to see you in America.

Art Club 2000

du 28 novembre au 27 décembre

Vendredi 27 novembre, dès 18h
Performance: Nightshift par Juliette Blightman, dès 20h
aussi en ligne à la même heure sur:

ouvert les samedis et dimanches, 14h – 18h
et sur rendez-vous